Cypheron Services

Individualized Service Offerings

Claims Processing

Our Claims Management team is the best in class and leverages a “Patient Advocacy” methodology for resolution. Without the proper payor knowledge, billing systems, and resources to accurately submit claims to the insurance company, providers lose timely revenue and face denials along with payor.

Coding Services

Medical coding is a key component and the foundation of all healthcare reimbursement.  Every Cypheron client receives a dedicated and experienced coder. Our coders are experts in a range of specialties, and certified through nationally accredited programs. They understand the complex regulatory requirements and documentation necessary to apply the correct and compliant codes for payor submission. And our coding team maintains and continually enhances their coding competency—through educational programs, coding publications and resources, ensuring all health care records are coded to the highest standard in the industry.

Insurance Verification

Insurance verification is an important step to ensure the timely and accurate reimbursement of claims.  Your dedicated Cypheron verification specialist will validate eligibility, correctly and accurately upload payors, and bill primary payors on your behalf. We have a seasoned team of expert medical billers who take all the required steps to guarantee the insurance eligibility verification is correct the first time.  

Customized Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics are essential for identifying trends and understanding performance. Cypheron provides standardized, easy-to-read, monthly reporting packages. We also offer custom reporting options including dashboards, providing complete transparency for your performance and ours. 

Payor Strategies

As a national leader in the area of healthcare reimbursement, Cypheron has made meaningful strategic connections with most payors in the country. Our team has over 100 years of combined revenue cycle experience, and we leverage our relationships and knowledge to get you the best reimbursement rates possible.

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

Credentialing and provider enrollment are critical steps in ensuring providers reimbursement for their efforts and hard work. It can be a very long and tedious process, however. With the correct knowledge base and dedicated resources, credentialing and enrollment can be handled smoothly, preventing a stop in payments due to red tape and/or paperwork. Cypheron team members are experts in this field, removing angst and obstacles from your day-to-day process.

Business Consultation

If you’re having any concerns with the efficiency of your revenue cycle operation or are just looking for an outside opinion for process improvement, contact us. Cypheron has a team of experts that can look at your business processes. We’ll provide feedback coupled with analytics—a roadmap to help your organization meet short- and long-term goals and objectives.

We’re Changing The Game When It Comes To Revenue Cycle Management – With A Patient-Centered Approach.